PARIS — “It’s an act of war committed by a terrorist army, Daech (Islamic State), a jihadist army,” French President Francois Hollande announced Saturday morning in a brief TV declaration.

“It is an act of war prepared, organized, planned from outside and with internal complicities that the investigation will confirm”, Hollande said, stressing that “it is an act of absolute barbarism.”

Given the severity of the attacks, Francois Hollande also announced a three-days national mourning.

“The country is in sorrow, I made a decree to extend the national mourning for three days. Under the state of emergency, the police and army are mobilized, and I salute their courage,” the President of the Republic said.

The French head of state also assured that “all security measures” will be taken.

So far, a provisional toll shows that at least 128 people were killed, about 250 injured, including 99 in very critical condition, during the coordinated attacked that took place Friday night in Paris and in its suburb. PNA/Xinhua