Corruption in La Union Dep-Ed?

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union–The promotion on a permanent basis of public elementary school teachers in the southern part of the province is not according to a system whereby the highest in rank is accelerated to the next level, but it is based allegedly on monetary and other considerations.

Brigoli Salvador ( not his real name) said that the operandi which has been in practice for a long time, is also applicable in hiring new teachers in the Department of Education schools covering Tubao town and Agoo West and East District.

Quoting unidentified but reliable sources, Salvador claimed that the anomaly is being committed by the District Supervisor, which he refused to name. But sources at the regional office of the Dep-ed here positively identified the school official.

His questionable “operandi” has been put before officials in the Division Office, but no administrative case has been filed against him, Salvador said, referring to the District Supervisor.

When questioned about his anomalous deals with teachers under his jurisdiction, especially new applicants, he would simply say that he did not ask for the “gifts in cash and in kind” but these, the official allegedly insisted, are given to him on a voluntary basis.

“To be fair, it could be a case of paying a debt of gratitude, which is a part of Filipino culture,” some of the affected teachers said to this writer.

But those who have worked as substitutes for permanent teachers on leave disclosed that the said official would call them to his office and asked for favors.

And when they received their first salary check as substitute teachers, he individually invited them to his cubicle and said,” Natanggapmo na yung checkmo; may multaka.” (You received your check, you have to pay the penalty.)

The “penalty” or fine would be either in cash or a gift or donation, it was learned.

In other instances, the school principals were the ones telling the newly-hired teachers or those who are being promoted to give cash gifts or donations in kind to the District Supervisor, Salvador said.

Northbound Philippines News Online tried but failed to contact a certain Dr. Danilo A. Alday, the incumbent District Supervisor based in Agoo, to explain or dispute the alleged irregularity committed by him. Guerrero Coloma with reports from Peter La.