Cops still face blank wall on death of Abra town dad

BAGUIO CITY– Authorities are still facing a blank wall in its investigation into the death of Isagani Joson, a first-term councilor of Lagayan town in Abra.

In a text message to Philippine News Agency, Senior Insp. Grace Marron, spokesperson of Abra Provincial Police, said the death of the councilor remained under investigation.

She admitted that investigators still do not have leads as to the identity of the suspect nor a motive that can pave the way for the possible resolution of the case.

She, however, said that they are doing their best to resolve the killing incident.

Marron said that at around 7:45 in the evening last Aug. 8, personnel of the Lagayan police office heard gun fires from more or less 500 meters to their station.

She said that two teams, composed of 14 members each, were immediately dispatched to where the sound of the gunshot emanated.

Since Joson’s residential compound was not enclosed with fences and gates, police entered the area and found the councilor oozing with blood at the dirty kitchen outside the house, Marron said.

Marron said that while some of the policemen searched the area for the possible presence of the suspects, the others rushed the Sangguniang Bayan member to Abra Provincial hospital in Bangued, about 30 minutes drive, for treatment.

Joson was declared dead several hours after, while being treated at the hospital.

Marron said the councilor was living alone as his family resides in Manila. The councilor’s wife rushed to Abra upon learning of the incident.

Based on pieces of evidence obtained from the crime scene, Joson attempted to pacify his assailant as shown by the firearm found in his possession when he was discovered by the policemen, She said.

She also said the fired cartridge cases of caliber .45 that were in the councilors possession were found in the crime scene. At the same time, empty cartridge cases of M16 rifle were also found at the crime scene, believed to be from the assailant’s gun.

Autopsy reports showed that the victim had two gunshot wounds, one on the right portion of his back and another on the right chest where the bullet fired on his back exited.

Marron said they are still conducting further investigation to identify the assailant as well as to determine the motive of the killing.

The councilor’s remains now lie at his residence in Sitio Manaois, Barangay Poblacion, Lagayan, Abra. Burial date is yet to be known from the family. Dionisio Dennis, Jr./PNA –

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