Cops who allegedly killed suspected drug pushers show up in Senate

Cops who allegedly killed suspected drug pushers show up in Senate

MANILA — After being summoned by the Senate, the two police officers who allegedly killed suspected drug pushers in Pasay City last month showed up on the second day of the Senate inquiry into extra-judicial killings on Tuesday.

The cops, P01 Michael Tomas and P02 Alipio Balo Jr., were said to have killed suspected drug dealer JP Bertes and his father, Renato inside a police station, according to the younger Bertes’ live-in partner, Harra Kazuo who stood as a witness.

The two cops waved their right to legal counsel stressing that their case was already filed in the fiscal office, after all.

De Lima, however, repeatedly asked them if they were sure they do not need a lawyer.

Despite Kazuo’s claim that her husband was not in possession of drugs that time, both cops maintained that there were drugs not inside — but outside their house in Pasay. However, they refused to elaborate on the matter.

Kazuo, 26, during Monday’s hearing admitted that her husband used to sell shabu in 2015 but was already trying to quit drug-dealing and wanted to surrender when he was killed.

She also recalled how the cops raided their house without search warrants and demanded to surrender the drugs she did not have at that time.

Philippine National Police (PNP)-Pasay Police Supt. Nolasco Bathan said that they were killed because they tried to wrestle for a cop’s gun when they were about to be detained.

However, the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) revealed that there were human rights violations committed as the suspected drug pushers who were allegedly killed by cops were found to be “tortured.”

CHR-NCR Director Gilbert Boiser also said before the suspects were killed, they already acquired fractures so it was “very unlikely” that they tried to wrestle for the gun.

PNP Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa meanwhile advised the two accused cops to be strong while investigation is ongoing.

“(My advice to them is) just be strong, if you are innocent, the truth will prevail,” Dela Rosa said. Azer Parrocha/PNA/