Comelec expects to be ‘flooded’ by SOCE filers on Wednesday

Comelec expects to be ‘flooded’ by SOCE filers on Wednesday

MANILA — The Commission on Elections– Campaign Finance Office (Comelec-CFO) is expected to be “flooded” on Wednesday by Statements of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCEs) from winning and losing candidates in the May 9 elections.

According to Atty. Mazna Lutchavez-Vergara of the Comelec-CFO, they anticipated that majority of the SOCEs will be submitted on June 8, the deadline for the submission of such documents.

Vergara said that as of Tuesday, only three senators and several party-list groups have so far complied with the poll body’s order.

She reminded all the candidates who participated in the last polls to file their SOCEs since they will no longer extend the deadline.

“Hindi kami magbibigay ng extension, kasi sa prior elections we had so many extensions. This time, kailangan na talaga nating ipakita sa kanila na strict ang deadline natin para sumunod ang candidates sa kanilang obligation to file their SOCEs,” she added.

Vergara also warned those who will not file SOCE that aside from payment of administrative fine, they may be candidate for perpetual disqualification to hold public office.

Meanwhile, Comelec Spokesperson James Jimenez clarified that the SOCE will be scrutinized and reminded the candidates that complying with the order does not necessarily mean passing the scrutiny.

“The submission of the SOCE is a requirement of law. However, it must be noted that each SOCE will be reviewed in its entirety, and mere submission doesn’t necessarily mean compliance with the spending limits prescribed by statute,” he added.

Comelec Resolution No. 9991 states that the SOCE must contain the list of each contribution received by the candidate or party; list of every expenditure made by the candidate or party; and a list of any unpaid obligation, its nature, and amount.

The document should have the full, true, and itemized statement of all contributions and expenditures of a candidate or political party in connection with the elections. PNA/