City veterinary office intensifies inspection on meat products

SANTIAGO CITY, Isabela — The Veterinary Office of this city has intensified its inspection activities to prevent the entry of hot meat in the city public market.

Dr. Solomon Maylem, city veterinarian, said his men were dispatched to the city slaughterhouse and the public market to strictly checkg the meat products that are sold to Santiaguenos.

The intensified inspection was conducted after pork meat sold in the public market was found to have not undergone inspection and therefore confiscated by the veterinary office.

Maylem said all meat products that are sold in the public market should have undergone inspection to ensure the safety of buyers of meat products like pork, beef and poultry products.

He said all animals that are butchered in the slaughterhouse have undergone due inspection before they are transported to the public market and meat products which did not undergo inspection are confiscated and burnt.

Maylem said there are three processes of meat inspection namely ante-mortem, post mortem and post abattoir.

The city veterinary official advised the meat dealers especially those who are selling frozen meats to let their products be inspected before they are sold to the market.

He warned that selling meat products that are not inspected by his office will be confiscated and disposed accordingly to guarantee the safety of Santiagueno and the buying public. PNA/