City veterinary office advises poultry owners to report unusual symptoms, diseases of chicken

SANTIAGO CITY, Isabela — The city veterinary office of Santiago has advised poultry owners to immediately report to the office any unusual diseases or symptoms of their chicken to prevent the Newcastle disease virus outbreak.

Dr. Solomon Maylem, city veterinarian, admitted recently that suspected Newcastle disease virus was seen in a poultry farm at boundary barangays of the city.

He said prevention is still the best option to prevent the outbreak of the Newcastle disease virus.

Maylem said that although the disease will not affect human health, the poultry industry will be affected once the virus affects the chickens that are raised in poultry farms.

“Once the disease will cause outbreak to poultry industry, there is a domino effect in the economy,” Maylem said.

As of this writing, the city veterinary office is conducting quarantine checkpoints in the entry points of the city to ensure that all incoming live poultry products are free from the Newcastle disease virus. PNA/