City gov’t in Isabela plans to provide livelihood to parents of street children

SANTIAGO CITY, Isabela — The city government here is planning to provide livelihood assistance to the families of street children in an effort to check the rising number of child beggars in the city.

Mayor Joseph Tan said extending livelihood assistance to the parents of street children would enable them to earn their own income and stop them from sending their children to the city’s streets to beg.

He said the move would also ensure the safety of street children.

Tan has already ordered the City Social Welfare and Development Office to account for all street children in the city and locate their parents so they could be given livelihood aid.

The mayor further noted that the City Cooperatives Office will determine the appropriate livelihood assistance for each family and monitor its use to make sure that it benefits the family.

Tan said the livelihood program is expected to be implemented until December and may be continued next year.