Chubby kids prone to suffer hypertension as adults

ILOILO CITY –The city health officer here warned parents of obese children of possibility for them to become hypertensive when they grow up.

“You endanger the child to develop later on, problems like hypertension, diabetes,” said Dr. Bernard Caspe.

Overweight children are supposed to overcome the problem by around age 10 if not there is a high chance to develop hypertension, the doctor said.

Children’s weight is supposed to be proportionate with their age and height, he said.

“Otherwise, they are also considered as malnourished. Extra care should be taken if the family has a history of hypertension,” Dr. Caspe said.

Meanwhile, one of the venues where the cases of malnutrition can be addressed is during the supplemental feeding program (SFP) provided in day care centers.

However, since the office holding the program is not the CHO, Caspe encouraged them to consult with a nutritionist.

“If possible coordinate with our office so we can advise them on what food to give,” he stated.

On the other hand, Caspe has already advised sanitary inspectors to look into the food preparation of schools and monitor the food to be served this opening of classes. Caspe said that junk foods were not allowed to be sold in school canteens.

However, he said that they could lobby for the passage of an ordinance that would prohibit selling of junk foods in school vicinity.

Meantime, to ensure that food sold outside the schools are clean, vendors are required to get a health card from the CHO. Perla Lena/

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