BEIJING — China is seriously concerned about the joint military exercises of the United States and South Korea, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Monday.

Military drills between South Korea and the United States, believed to be the largest-ever joint exercises of the two countries amid increased tensions on the Korean Peninsula, kicked off earlier in the day.

“China is also very concerned about the military drills. We will not accept any trouble-making behavior at our doorstep,” Hong told reporters.

Key Resolve and Foal Eagle, two joint US-South Korean military exercises on dispatching the US overseas forces to the Korean Peninsula, presuppose practicing the elimination of Pyongyang’s weapons of mass destruction.

As many as 15,000 US servicemen joined around 290,000 South Korean soldiers in the drills expected to last until April 30.

In 2015, Washington sent four times fewer troops than now, while the number of Seoul’s soldiers is now 1.5 times higher. PNA/Sputnik/