MANILA — The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) is now calling for nominations for faculty and staff for the K to 12 Transition Program, offering 15,000 scholarships for graduate studies and professional advancement.

To ensure a smooth K to 12 transition, CHED will offer scholarships for faculty and staff from higher education institutions (HEIs) to earn graduate degrees during the Transition Period (School Year 2016-17 to 2020-21).

”The nationwide rollout of the Senior High School (SHS) by SY 2016-17 will result in low enrollment in HEIs during this Transition period, thereby affecting many of our teaching and non-teaching personnel,” said CHED Chairperson Patricia Licuanan.

The commission established the K to 12 Transition Program to mitigate the impact on the higher education sector, ensure the sustainability of HEIs during the transition period and upgrade qualifications of faculty–equipping 70 percent with graduate degrees by SY 2020-21.

In 2015, 50 percent of HEI faculty members were holders of graduate degrees in the Philippines; however, it still lags behind ASEAN neighbors Vietnam with 60 percent and Malaysia with 69 percent.

Nomination procedure

In a memorandum, the commission urged Sending HEIs (SHEIs) to submit nominations for their faculty, or qualified non-teaching personnel with strong potential to contribute to the quality of education, for any of the following types of scholarships: doctoral degree, master’s degree, thesis or dissertation grant, foreign master’s or doctoral degree, and other grants.

The SHEIs may justify such nominations according to their importance and value to SHEI, to regional and national development, and to discipline or profession.

Further, SHEIs may nominate faculty or staff even though they have not yet been admitted to acknowledged delivering HEIs, as the applications for these programs may still be ongoing and may thus be undertaken simultaneously, said CHED.

Stipends and other privileges of the scholarship grant, however, shall only be disbursed to the scholar upon admission to a CHED delivering HEI.

The deadline for SHEI nominations is on April 1, 2016.

Accomplished SHEI Nomination Forms should be sent through email to and the following requirements (if applicable) through courier: Curriculum Vitae of nominees, Transcript of Records of each nominee, one-page thesis/dissertation proposal (for nominees with ongoing graduate studies), proof of citizenship, medical certificate, and re-entry plan and return service contract.

SHEIs intending to submit nominations may refer to the Faculty and Staff Development Planning Workshops conducted nationwide last November 2015 as the basis for their submissions, and which the Commission has used to inform the number of slots allocated for scholarships.

Interested parties may visit for more details. PNA/