Cebu trader Peter Lim denies involvement in illegal drugs

CEBU CITY — Cebuano businessman Peter Lim has denied involvement in the illegal drug trade, his lawyer and spokesperson said Friday.

Lawyer Dioscoro Fuentes Jr. said Lim, 71, was devastated when informed that his name was mentioned by President Rodrigo Duterte as one of the drug lords, but is hoping that he can clear his name soon.

Fuentes said Lim will not face the media yet because he is sick and he feared that somebody will take advantage of the situation.

He said both Lim and President Duterte are godfathers of the wedding of the daughter of another businessman at Shangri-La Mactan Resort in Lapu-Lapu City last June 25.

Fuentes said Lim is confident he was not the one alluded to by Duterte because he did not go to China but is residing in Cebu all these years.

Duterte earlier warned Lim, alias “Jaguar” who is abroad, that he would die the moment he lands at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

Fuentes said his client Lim is not known as “Jaguar” and did not own Jaguar KTV bar in Cebu City as can be verified with the business permit section of Cebu City Hall.

Fuentes said there are 110 Peter Lims in Cebu City as certified by the Commission on Elections, a copy of which was submitted during a congressional inquiry in 2006.

Fuentes also said the Dangerous Drug Committee of the House of Representatives, which was then chaired by Cebu Representative Antonio Cuenco, had cleared Lim and he never personally met retired Philippine National Police General Marcelo Garbo, his alleged protector.

Fuentes said Lim is a legitimate businessman who has business interests in Hilton Motors Corp., Tiger Motors that is importing and dealing with brand new heavy equipment, Kash International (K-1) KTV that is on entertainment promotion, and LimBros Development Corp. that is developing low-cost housing named Happy Homes, among others. PNA/