Cauayan City to build waste energy plant

CAUAYAN CITY, Isabela – The city government of Cauayan plans to construct a waste energy plant in the city to utilize wastes products produced in the city.

Mayor Bernard Faustino Dy said the city government had already expanded the open dump site at Barangay San Pablo through buying additional 4 hectares to accommodate all the wastes produced in the city and used it as energy.

The plan to construct a waste energy plant is already in the pipeline this year and once it becomes operational, it will also invite other localities in Isabela to send their wastes in the city to be continuously produced power out from waste products.

Dy said that in the meantime, the city government would continue its recycling facility in the dumping site, which converts non-biodegradable wastes into hollow blocks while the biodegradable wastes are turned into fertilizers.

He said the city government was strictly enforcing waste segregation to facilitate recycling and fertilizer production in the dumping site.

The city government official was hopeful that in the future, the city government of Cauayan would be a first LGU in the region to have the waste energy plant to add the supply of power in the city. PNA/