Wind turbines sweeping Aklan

  NABAS, Aklan –Change is coming in the once sleepy town of Nabas in this province through the imposing presence of 18 giant wind turbines which are not only breathtaking to look at but also serve as breath of fresh air in the country’s hunt for “green” energy. But more than just its scenic beauty, … Read More

Chinese Spring Festival celebrated around the world

BEIJING — On the eve of the approaching Chinese Lunar New Year, the rest of the world is sharing the joy and excitement of the Asian country, a manifestation of the worldwide influence of China’s most important festival, also known as the Spring Festival. OCCASION FOR STRENGTHENING TIES Some national leaders, on the festive occasion, … Read More

Aging veteran recalls Japanese bombing in Baguio on December 8,1941 that triggered WWII

MANILA -– Long before World War II broke out in the Philippines on December 8, 1941, Japan had already an elaborate preparation by posting an advance force of Fifth Columns embedded across the length of the archipelago. These Japanese spies disguised themselves as “traders” and “laborers” working hand-in-hand with unsuspecting Philippine society. It was a … Read More