‘Videoke’ highlights Pinoy Yuletide bonding

MANILA — For most Filipinos, Yuletide specialty foods like “lechon” (roasted pig), “halayang ube” (purple yam), leche flan, “puto” (rice cake” and “pansit” of various flavors, and the extremely delightful and sweet “sapin-sapin” would be incomplete and rendered tasteless without “videoke” singing during the coming Christmas and New Year’s Day reunions. In fact, “videoke” singing and … Read More

Technology paves new way towards correct Filipino

MANILA – Is it ‘imahe’ or ‘imahen?’ ‘Dyaryo’ or ‘diyaryo?’ Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF) is developing a software that aims to help address misspelling of words in Filipino, the country’s national language. Targeted for launching in 2018, KWF’s first spellchecker software will operate much like Microsoft Word’s own by alerting people about wrong spelling … Read More