Carabaos highlighted at 12th Nuang Festival of San Agustin

SAN AGUSTIN, Isabela — Considered as the most important helper in farm work, carabaos were highlighted during the 12th Nuang Festival in the town of San Agustin held last September 26-28, 2016.

“Nuang” is an Ilokano word for carabao. Caraboas are flourishing in this town as the local government unit of San Agustin patronize the use of carabaos in their fields.

At least 400 carabaos were paraded around the town during the festival and there were also various carabao competitions.

Mayor Cesar Mondala said the people of San Agustin continue to use carabaos in their farms despite the advent of new farming technologies.

Mondala lauded the Philippine Carabao Authority (PCA) for extending their support and encouragement to produce carabaos in San Agustin and in assisting farmers in carabao crossbreeding.

“The PCA is always with us assisting in crossbreeding the buffalo carabaos from PCA to the native carabaos with us which in turn produce better breeds of carabaos,” Mondala said.

Aside from being an important partner of farmers, Carabaos also produce milk for human consumption.

Carabao milk from farms here are gathered and sold to a cooperative in the town.