Carabao-based products eyed for Halal product certification

Carabao-based products eyed for Halal product certification

MANILA — Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) regional units in Mindanao are set to conduct a three-year study on product development targeting carabao-based products to be certified as Halal.

Jane Tranquilan, Halal product consultant, said the plan of the study was to acquire 24 to 40 heads of carabaos coming from the PCC institutional herds only and it will be divided into four controlled conditions.

“Meat quality testing will also follow standard operations procedure for Halal,” she noted in a statement.

Tranquilan said a minimum of six to 10 carabaos would be slaughtered after 18 months, and three more batches to follow for ages 24, 30 and 36 months.

All materials required for the project will be settled by April 2017 based on the study’s rationale.

Tranquilan said molasses, soybean, copra and other organics would be used as feeds for the controlled animals.

However, as a member of the previous team who worked on testing carabeef quality, PCC acting executive director Dr. Arnel del Barrio proposed changes in the methodology of the study, particularly on reducing the cost of the project.

“Slaughtering the animals after 18 months is too early,” Dr. Del Barrio said. “The meat is very tender, 24-month old buffalo is a good one to start, and we can lessen the number of animals, also the overall cost of the project.”

PCC at Central Mindanao University director Dr. Lowell Paraguas underscored the need of producing carabao-based products that are certified as Halal, which indicates that its preparation adheres to Islamic law as described in the Koran.

The project with proposed Php 670,900 initial fund is headed by Dr. Paraguas and will be supported by PCC at University of Southern Mindanao (USM).