DAGUPAN CITY — The campaign against illegal fish pens in this city is still on with some 50 of the 300 standing structures voluntarily demolished by their owners.

At the same time, the remaining ones which are fish cages, are now being re-sized in line with an approved city ordinance.

City Agriculturist Emma Molina said the bigger fish cages in the water are now being reduced at not more than 25 square meters per unit to conform with Ordinance No. 2048.

Those structures which encroached navigational lanes are being moved to another site too, she said.

Molina told newsmen that the business plates for fish structures like cages and fish traps and oyster beds have arrived and will be issued to every structure that has conformed with the ordinance.

All the structures that were issued their respective business plates will operate legally after their respective owner has paid the required Aquatic Lease Agreement (ALA) fees which are nominal though.

City Ordinance no. 2048-2015, prohibits the establishment of fish pens 68-2003.

Allowed only are fish cages, fyke nets (skylab), submerged fyke (poquet or banwal, lift net (batikwas), modified lift net (surewin skyblue), oyster beds (stake or tlus method) and oyster rafts (floating).

Molina said monitoring of harvesting of fish pens and cages is continuing and once these are emptied, they require the owners to voluntarily demolish their structures and many were abiding.

Meanwhile, the executive order implementing the guidelines for City Ordinance No. 2048-2015 is up for Mayor Belen Fernandez’s signature. PNA/