California woman jailed for 50 months for plot to smuggle drones to China

WASHINGTON — A US court sentenced a California woman to more than four years in prison for conspiring to smuggle drones and related technology to China, the US Department of Justice said in a press release.

On June 9, a Florida court convicted Wenxia Man of conspiring to export defense articles to a foreign country without the required license.

“Wenxia Man… was sentenced to 50 months in prison for conspiring to export and cause the export of fighter jet engines, an unmanned aerial vehicle — commonly known as the drone — and related technical data to [China],” the release stated on Friday.

During a federal investigation, Man told an undercover US agent that she was connected to a “technology spy” with the Chinese military who was interested in copying stealth technology, the Justice Department explained.

According to prosecutors, Man had been involved in the scheme since 2011. PNA/Sputnik/