Calasiao ex-vice mayor found dead inside home

CALASIAO, Pangasinan — A former vice mayor of this town was found dead in his house in Barangay Mangcup while he was alone early Saturday morning.

Former Vice Mayor Ferdinand Galang, 44, was found inside his room in kneeling position facing downward with blood coming out from his mouth and nose.

Now a businessman, Galang was reportedly alone in his home and prior to this, he called his uncle, Jun Gregorio, to keep him company.

Scene of the Crime Operatives from Lingayen led by Senior Inspector Eric Magtaan who processed the scene found no evidence of foul play in the body as he had no stab nor gunshot wound or superficial injury.

As of this posting, the cause of Galang’s death remains unknown.

Galang was known to be suffering from hypertension and prostate disorder and was having his regular medical checkup, according to his elder sister Julie.

However, an empty bottle of VitaMilk was found near the victim’s body, which is now being subjected to forensic examination by investigators.

Gregorio, told investigators that Galang called him up the day before to request that he accompanies him in his house and to pick up his personal belongings.

Gregorio waited until midnight Friday but he received no further call from the victim. Gregorio then decided to proceed to the house of Galang and noticed that the main door of his room was locked.

Puzzled, Gregorio called his friend Leo Fernandez, a neighbor of the victim, to check on what happened to Galang. They peeped on the room through the window and saw the victim kneeling and facing downward. They then decided to break in by destroying the main door lock and once inside they found the body of the victim already lifeless.

A post mortem examination was conducted by Municipal Health officer Dr. Cristina P Estrada and followed by autopsy examination by medico legal officer of the PNP.

In December, Galang surprised many of his town mates when he tendered his resignation after only serving as vice mayor of Calasiao for less than six months. In 2013, Galang won as running mate of now mayor Armando Bauzon.

He was succeeded by number one councilor Mahadeva Das Mesina. Leonardo Micua/