Bus company sues rival in Dagupan

DAGUPAN CITY — Bus company Solid North has filed a case against its rival Victory Liner for not allowing the former’s buses to enter and exit at a cemetery road from its terminal in Dagupan City.

The case is now being heard by the sala of Regional Trial Court (RTC) presiding judge Emma Torio of Branch 40 in Dagupan City, City Councilor Jose Netu Tamayo reported to the city council.

As a matter of fact, said Tamayo, Judge Torio already issued a temporary restraining order allowing buses of Solid North to enter and exit at a cemetery road at the back of its terminal, but which Victory Liner contested.

Only the buses of Victory Liner and of its sister company, Five Star, are entering and exiting from the cemetery road, that was formerly owned by the Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

The terminals of Victory Liner and Five Star are adjacent to the terminal of Solid North on Perez Boulevard.

However, the chamber during the incumbency of then Mayor Benjamin Lim as president, sold the cemetery road to Victory Liner as passageway to its buses.

The dispute between Solid North and Victory Liner started when the city government enforced an ordinance restricting buses from entering and exiting from their terminals through Perez Boulevard.

Only Solid North failed to comply with the ordinance as Victory Liner is not allowing the buses of the former to enter and exit at the cemetery road.

The litigation is continuing, said Councilor Tamayo as Victory Liner contested the temporary restraining order issued by the RTC.

It was learned that the cemetery road used to be part of the property of the Lioanag family which it donated to the Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce to allow its members access to the Chinese cemetery. Leonardo V. Micua/PNA-northboundasia.com