BOC working overtime to restore Port of Manila ops after fire

BOC working overtime to restore Port of Manila ops after fire

MANILA — The Bureau of Customs (BOC) vowed to work overtime this weekend to restore systems and facilities for the operations at the Port of Manila (POM) after a fire gutted it on Friday evening.

“The situation requires that we restore and re-establish systems and facilities that were destroyed by the fire, at the soonest possible time, for us to resume normal operations. The Port of Manila and the Central Office will be working during this long weekend in order to make this possible,” Customs Commissioner Rey Guerrero said in a statement Saturday afternoon.

With this, the BOC chief noted that they are working together to help the Port of Manila in getting up as soon as possible to stabilize the situation and guarantee minimal disruption for the transacting public.

“We want to assure the public that our operations will not be affected by this event. Our Management Information System and Technology Group are re-establishing the information system so the Port of Manila can immediately offer its services to its stakeholders,” Guerrero added.

While he expressed sadness over the incident, the BOC chief said he is thankful that no one was hurt.

He said that affected units are assessing the damage of the fire and have been tasked to identify what needs to be done to immediately normalize their operations.

“The Internal Administration Group together with the Port of Manila has been tasked to submit an incident report to the Finance Secretary and the President,” Guerrero said.

He added that the Enforcement and Security Service securing the affected offices, and the Intelligence Group and the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service have been tasked to identify the cause of the blaze.

Meanwhile, the BOC Commissioner applauded the bureau’s men and women, particularly the officials and employees of the POM, for staying optimistic and courageous in the face of trial, adding that they will overcome the incident and move forward from it.

“We need to bounce back from this tragic event. And while this would be a long and difficult process, with your full support for the institution, BOC will not be daunted by this temporary setback,” Guerrero said.

“BOC’s fast recovery from this tragedy will be done. Now more than ever is the time for us to work together. God bless us all,” he added.Ferdinand Patinio/