‘Barangay Basketball’ available in iOS this November

MANILA — “Barangay Basketball”, the first Filipino-based storytelling mobile game, will have its iOS version anytime soon, according to its creator Synergy88 Digital.

Launched last weekend, the game is currently available on Google Play.

”Barangay Basketball” was created by Filipinos, and depicts the local community life in the country since its setting is in Tondo, Manila.

It follows the story of Wax, son of a former basketball legend. As Wax strives to follow the footsteps of his dad, he meets different characters who can help him achieve his dream.

At present, the version has four mini games that would enable players to test their dribbling, shooting, blocking and dunking skills. As the player finishes one challenge, he/she will get to follow Wax’s journey.

Synergy88 said the game will be available for download in App Store in the coming weeks.

Also, additional chapters are currently in the works. Moreover, an online player vs. player (PVP) mode is currently being developed.

Meanwhile, the company shared that aside from being a mobile game, “Barangay Basketball” also serves as a prequel of an upcoming anime TV series, “Barangay 143”.

The show will be co-produced by Synergy88 Entertainment Media, August Media and TV Asahi.

”Barangay 143” will revolve around the challenges, defeats and victories of a group of Filipino teenagers who love basketball.

”Initially, it will be aired in the Philippines. It will make waves in the international shores later on,” the company said. Ma. Cristina Arayata/PNA-northboundasia.com