Bamboo trees to plant in creeks, rivers in Isabela town this year

SAN ISIDRO, Isabela — The Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) in this town will include planting of bamboo trees in creeks and rivers in its area of jurisdiction as part of its reforestation program.

Mindo Aquino, CENRO – San Isidro head, said that aside from fruit-bearing and forest tree seedlings, they will now include bamboo tree materials in reforestation.

“We will include as planting material in our reforestation program the planting of bamboo tree in both sides of creeks and rivers including in low-lying areas in our area,” Aquino said.

Aquino said his office is targeting to plant 400 hectares of bamboo in the fourth district of Isabela, particularly in creeks and rivers.

He said bamboos are important plant in preventing soil erosion and it is also use as raw material in bamboo craft making industry.

He said some local government units are supporting the bamboo craft making as a livelihood program of their constituents.