Baler drug surrenderees undergo reformation program

BALER, Aurora  — The drug personalities in this town who voluntarily surrendered under the police’s Oplan Tokhang program are now undergoing reformation program in an effort to help them get back to the community and live a normal life.

Police Senior Inspector Emilio B. Sison, chief of police of Baler Police Station (BPS), said that drug surrenderers from Barangays of 1, 2, 3, 4 and Obligacion are now undergoing reformation program at BPS Reformation Center, Bahay Pagbabago, Barangay Suklayin here.

“Mostly of our drug surrenderees who voluntarily submitted themselves to the police are victims of peer pressure, curiosity, family problems and personal problems,” Sison said, pointing out that families must be aware of their roles to help their loved ones in reforming themselves.

Sison also said that inside the “Bahay Pagbabago Reformation Center”, they have house rules to follow.

“We requested reformist to commit themselves 24/7 to a 20-day stay at reformation center. We already started the reformation program for the 1st batch and it will be ended on October 29,” Sison said.

He said 50 drug surrenderees are undergoing counseling for their integration to the community.

“Their behavior are strictly observed and subjected for regular physical fitness, early morning exercises, spiritual and moral recovery, coastal cleanup, tree planting among others,” Sison said.

He added that program aims to help drug surrenderees to totally escape from the bondage of illegal drugs and promote health, wellness and productivity.

A post-activity monitoring will also be conducted to keep track on them.

“After the reformation program, the drug surrenderers will be under the six months after care program of the government wherein they will be strictly monitored, they have to report to the PNP, there will be in random surprise drug test to assure that they are already cleared in any illegal drug use and trade,” he said.

After they passed the requirements, Sison said that the BADAC action plan in their respective barangays will implement another program to sustain them and make sure they will continuously avoid illegal drugs.

A total of 558 drug personalities from the 13 barangays in Baler surrendered under the Oplan Tokhang wherein 18 were pushers and 540 were users. PNA –