Baguio under community quarantine to prevent Covid entry

Baguio under community quarantine to prevent Covid entry

BAGUIO CITY – The city government declared on Monday here under a citywide community quarantine to prevent the possible entry of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

Mayor Benjamin Magalong signed Executive Order 65 declaring Baguio under such after a spike of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) cases in the country.

“After careful thought and due to the spike in cases of Covid 19 nationwide, we declare effective today for a city-wide community quarantine,” said Magalong after signing the EO during a press conference.

In signing the EO, Magalong said they will be more stringent in allowing people to come in and out of the city.

“We urge people coming here to refrain, only those with official business should be allowed,” he said.

“Only those with essential travel purpose or employment/business in the city shall be allowed to enter” the EO read.

The EO mandated that people aged 60 years and older, immuno-compromised persons, pregnant women, minors and persons with a history of pulmonary ailments or disease, shall stay home.

Magalong has also disallowed the staging of “non-essential social gatherings” like those in bars, recreation centers, parks, hospitality industry businesses, conference and function halls.”

Religious institutions are also urged to defer mass gatherings and seek alternative modes like online “and other means that will not require the assembly of large crowds.”

He also asked retailers not to increase prices of commodities and take advantage of the situation as there will be consequences.

Magalong has also extended the suspension of classes for students until April 15 and told “students to stay home. It was the reason for the suspension of classes for you to stay home.”

Curfew from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m. was also declared and will be applicable to all Baguio residents.

He added that they will be strict in imposing the curfew as legal cases could be filed for violators, except those working on night shifts.

“As long as they have the documents that they are working at such hour then we will allow it,” he said.

Magalong has ordered establishments that provide basic needs like drugstores, groceries, banks, medical clinics, hardware stores, general merchandise, and retail stores, pawnshops, internet shops, funeral homes, restaurants and cafes as well as hotels and businesses catering to hospitality to remain open.

The EO provides that private establishments shall be closed, like KTVs, cocktail lounges, theaters and movie houses, schools, review centers, tutorial centers, basketball courts, badminton courts, billiard halls, small-town lottery, bingo halls, gyms, swimming pools, spas salons, massage parlors, and other establishments.

Magalong also asked public transport to observe the one-meter radius distance to prevent the transfer of the virus.

Magalong said signing the EO was not influenced by the findings of the City Health Office that a client of The Manor, a private hotel at Camp John Hay, was infected with Covid-19.

The client was supposed to have stayed from March 9-11 but has since then returned to Manila.  Pigeon Lobien /PNA –