Baguio residents welcome proposed ordinance to keep ‘spaghetti wires’ underground

BAGUIO CITY — City residents and businessmen have welcomed an ordinance filed by Baguio City Councilor Leandro Yangot Jr. requiring all public utility companies using wires and cables to install underground lines.

Augusto Warren, a tourism service provider, said removing “spaghetti wires” from sight would boost the city’s tourism industry.

Yangot’s proposal obliges public firms to convert their overhead lines within the Central Business District (CBD) into underground lines within six months from the approval of the ordinance.

Those found violating the ordinance face a fine of Php5,000, as well as cancellation of their permits and closure of their business establishments.

Yangot on Monday said that being a tourist destination, Baguio City is constantly looking for ways to ensure the safety of its visitors.

He noted that the dangling wires of public utility companies and cable networks are not only eyesores but are also safety hazards, hence the need for appropriate legislation.

Yangot said the matter has been discussed but not approved by previous councils due to concerns raised by the companies, such as the high cost of installing and the reliability of underground wiring systems.

The present council will consult stakeholders on how the city and concerned government agencies could address these “spaghetti wires”.

The proposed ordinance was approved on its first reading. PNA/