Baguio okays expanded anti-smoking ordinance

BAGUIO CITY – Health authorities claimed the passage of Ordinance No. 34, series of 2017, which prohibits the use, sale, distribution and advertisement of cigarettes and other tobacco products in certain places in the city and imposing penalties for violations, is a public health victory.

The amendatory ordinance includes e-cigarettes.

Dr. Donabel Tubera, medical officer and head of the City Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit of the City Health Services Office, said health workers were happy with the passage of the city’s comprehensive anti-smoking ordinance.

“We consider the enactment of the city’s comprehensive anti-smoking ordinance as a public health victory,” Tubera said in a recent press conference jointly conducted by the Department of Health.

The ordinance prohibited smoking or vaping in enclosed or partially enclosed public places, workplaces, public conveyances, whether mobile or stationary, or other public places except in designated smoking areas duly approved and fully compliant with the requirements of the ordinance.

Tolerating smoking and selling or making minors buy cigarettes are also punishable under the amendatory ordinance. Selling per stick of cigarette is also prohibited under the ordinance.

The promotion of the use of tobacco and/or tobacco products is also banned, like placing cinema or outdoor advertisement.

Baguio City is among the areas in the country where smoking is strictly enforced. Roadsides and parks are among the areas where smoking is prohibited. Liza Agoot/PNA

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