Baguio City poll bet asks supporters’ deaths not be politicized

Baguio City poll bet asks supporters’ deaths not be politicized

BAGUIO CITY — Congressional bet Nicasio Aliping Jr. on Wednesday asked rivals not to capitalize on the freak accident which killed six of his campaigners and wounded 17 others to gain political mileage.

“We ask do not use this unfortunate tragedy as a political issue or leverage to gain more followers. What we need is support and not the opportunity to gloat and romanticize something as tragic as a road accident that took the lives of six people and put 17 in the hospital,” posted the Onjon ti Baguio in its official social media account.

Aliping during a press conference on Wednesday said that casualties in the mishap involving campaigners of the Onjon ti Baguio has increased to six from the initial three.

They were on their way to a political sortie in San Carlos Heights at Irisan when their vehicle met a tragedy Tuesday morning.

Fatalities were identified as Julia Labi, Elizabeth Panis, Rechilda Abaigar, Adelina Agsaoay, Josephine Ag-a, and John Rey Passi.

Aliping assured that they will shoulder the hospital bills of those injured as well as the burial expenses of fatalities.

According to a report from Baguio City Police Office acting director, Colonel Allen Rae Co, the rented jeepney bearing Aliping’s supporters was traversing the Marcos Highway-Naguilian circumferential road in the direction of Suello Village, when the driver suddenly lost control.

The vehicle then rammed a concrete riprap wall as it turned on its side.

Meantime, members of Onjon ti Baguio conducted the “daw-es” cleansing ritual near the accident site, calling on ancestral spirits to prevent a repeat of the tragedy. Liza Agoot /PNA –