Baguio City eyes eco-friendly car parks

BAGUIO CITY — In keeping with the trend of environment-friendly infrastructures, the city government vowed to adopt “green architecture” in the construction of a multi-level pay parking building.

Dexter See of the city information office said Mayor Mauricio Domogan had ordered the preparation of a building plan that complies with the green architecture for areas identified and earmarked for parking purposes, such as the Ganza parking.

He said “green architecture” is part of the local government’s mandate to embrace the construction of “green buildings” as part of its efforts to preserve and protect the city’s environment, which is being threatened by rapid urbanization.

“Green architecture is now part of the local government’s strategies in the put up of government structures which has been identified as one of the possible mitigating efforts to combat the serious negative effects of climate change,” See said.

The Ganza parking area has been identified and designated as a parking area even if it is part of the 34-hectare Burnham Park, to address parking woes in the central business district area.

The construction of various multi-level parking buildings had been proposed by experts to help ease the worsening traffic jams around the city caused by the absence of available and sufficient parking spaces prompting vehicle owners to simply park their vehicles in vacant areas and even in sidewalks in the different parts of the city