Baguio City exec urges strict implementation of the anti-road obstruction order to improve traffic

BAGUIO CITY — City Mayor Mauricio Domogan has urged barangay officials of the 128 villages in the city to aggressively implement the anti-road obstruction order that seen to help significantly improve the traffic in the city’s thoroughfares.

Domogan said the barangay officials play a key role in the successful implementation of the Administrative Order 116 because they know the residents who park their vehicles illegally in their areas of jurisdiction.

“We are elated over the warm reception of our barangay officialdom on their deputation to help rid our roads of traffic obstructions to allow our constituents to freely move around our city,” Domogan said.

Based on Baguio City Ordinance 7 s. 1984 or the city’s Comprehensive Traffic Ordinance, illegal parking along roads and streets in the city will be fined PhP150.

Under the revised sharing scheme on the implementation of the anti-road obstruction, barangays will be getting a 70 percent share from the fines collected in their areas of jurisdiction to be deposited in a trust fund that can be used by barangays for their peace and order interventions while the 30 percent will remain with the coffers of the local government.

Domogan advised barangay officials to start looking for available public or private vacant lots in their places and negotiate with the owners for the use of those areas as temporary common parking spaces for their constituents.

Barangay captains are required to submit a list of officials to be deputized to ensure the strict implementation of the anti-road obstruction and to guarantee that the traffic citation tickets to be issued them are properly accounted for.

The City Treasury Office (CTO) will release the Traffic Citation Tickets (TCT) to the different police stations in the city from which deputized barangay officials can claim their booklets for them to start implementing the anti-road obstruction order.

Domogan said business establishments such as banks, restaurants, repair shops and similar shops using the sidewalks as parking areas for their clients are not exempted from the implementation of the Anti-road Obstruction Order. Jojo Lamaria/