Baguio City dad pushes tuition hike mandatory consultations with students

BAGUIO CITY — City Councilor Edgar Avila has proposed an ordinance requiring private educational institutions to hold consultations on proposed tuition fee increases, at least, 45 days before the end of each school year.

In the proposal’s explanatory clause, Avila stated that one of the basic problems of the youth and the education sector when school opening comes each year is the rigmarole of tuition fee hikes.

“Agreeably, the schools, more often than not, consult the students before imposing an increase, but unfortunately, such consultations are done during the summer classes when only a portion of the student leaders and population are out on vacation,” Avila said.

“Invariably, the results, an increase in tuition fee becomes known only at the start of the school year and because of the perceived failure to conduct consultations, student unrests become inevitable,” he added.

The proposal seeks to provide a solution to an anticipated student rallies by requiring the institution to conduct mandatory consultations during the regular semester and not during summer classes.

Avila said that these consultations must be conducted with the presence of the chairman of the Baguio City Council Committee on Education as part of his “oversight functions”.

Under Section 3 of the proposed “Tuition Fee Increase Consultation Act”, all private educational institutions through its Board of Trustees are required to hold consultations with its students through bonafide student representatives on proposed increase in tuition and other fees.

These consultations shall be supervised by the Department of Education (DepEd), Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and Chairman of the Council’s Committee on Education, whose certification on the compliance of the requirement, shall form part of the application for tuition fee increase by the institution.

The proposed ordinance was approved on its second reading and for publication. Jojo Lamaria/