Artist without legs and hands helps raise funds for kidney patients

BAGUIO CITY -– Lack of body parts is never a prohibition to helping other people. For some, it’s even a motivation.

Alex Musni, an artist based in La Trinidad, Benguet is one of those who went to the People’s Park here on May 1 to publicly show his skill – holding a paintbrush with his two-elbows to create an art piece. Musni was born without two legs and arms only up to the elbows.

His disability, however, does not prevent him from helping himself and others.

He was among the artists who came together on May 1 to raise funds for the dialysis treatment of kidney patients.

Buddy Cabrera, a nephew of national artist BenCab and member of the group “Pasakalye”, said there are about 50 artists from Metro Manila and 20 from this city who are doing their pieces. The items are now displayed in different galleries to allow the public to see them and hopefully support the cause of the group, by buying.

The works of the artists in Baguio who joined the cause on May 1 will be displayed at the lobby of the Albergo Hotel and Residences here for the whole month of May starting on May 3.

Most of the art works were painted on May 1 at the People’s Park during the “Tambalang Sagip Buhay” outreach activity which carried the theme “plein air artistry”, showing what is on the surroundings of the park.

At the same activity, the Baguio Correspondents and Broadcasters Club’s signature campaign for free dialysis was also held. Liza