Applause greets “ad-lib remarks” in SONA speech

Applause greets “ad-lib remarks” in SONA speech

LEGAZPI CITY—-President Duterte’s impromptu remarks that veered away from the prepared text of the State of the Nation Address was greeted with applause by around 150 students, teachers, non-teaching staff who stayed glued to some 10 television screens in offices, classrooms and lobby of the building of the College of Arts and Letters (CAL) at Bicol University (BU).

Professor Anacito Dematera, chairman of the Print and Broadcast Department of BU CAL, observed this demeanor of President in his SONA showed he was “genuinely concerned” in ensuring the plight of the poor would be uplifted by the reforms he intend to make in the bureaucratic processes.

Dematera cited the TV audience in BUCAL, applauding most parts of the SONA, especially those that touched on providing a more equitable personal and corporate income tax and the one-stop shop in the processing of documents of Overseas Filipino workers.

Meanwhile, Major Virgilio Perez, spokesperson of the 9th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army, based in Camp Gen. Elias Angeles in Pili, Camarines Sur, said the Philippine Army would give their full support to the President’s desire to give an end to the decades-long insurgency problem and in helping stop the drug menace in the country.

“On the unilateral ceasefire, we support the effort of the government for the resumption of the peace talks with the New People’s Army and even the problem on the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Moro National Liberation Front,” he said.

Perez said the 9th ID “promotes peace for the safety and well being of the people and the attainment of a quality and progressive life for the Filipino people.”resolving all armed conflicts.” Perez added.

He added the Army is one in strengthening of the reserved Officers Training Course program to instill nationalism among the youth and college students.

Legazpi City Mayor Noel Rosal said he found of particular interest President Duterte’s mention in his SONA the rehabilitation of the Philippine National Railways (PNR) Southbound and the establishment of additional runways in Manila. Jorge Hallare and Emmanuel Solis/PNA/