Anti-drug campaign still enjoys ‘excellent’ rating: SWS

MANILA – Despite the opposition’s call for international action to probe the war on drugs, the campaign launched by President Rodrigo Duterte over three years ago continue to enjoy “excellent” net satisfaction rating.

The second quarter Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey, conducted from June 22 to 26, found 82 percent of adult Filipinos satisfied, 6 percent undecided and 12 percent dissatisfied with the government’s anti-narcotics campaign.

This gives a net satisfaction rating of +70, classified as excellent and tied the 2019 first quarter rating, according to the SWS.

The pollster said the net satisfaction on the anti-illegal drugs campaign has always been either very good or excellent in the past 11 survey rounds with the highest rating recorded in December 2016 at excellent +77.

Since it was first surveyed in September 2016, the net satisfaction with the campaign has been excellent in Mindanao, except for the very good +66 in June 2017.

It added that 82 percent of Filipinos in all areas of the country cited the less number of drug suspects in the community as top reason why they are satisfied with the war on drugs.

On the other hand, the undecided claimed drug trade and drug suspects are still prevalent while the dissatisfied are the same group who recently gave Duterte lower net satisfaction rating.

The June 2019 survey also found that net satisfaction with the performance of Duterte was excellent +76.

The SWS conducted the survey using face-to-face interviews of 1,200 adults nationwide.  Jelly Musico / PNA –