Anthrax outbreak kills 80 cattle on Australian farm

SYDNEY — Biosecurity authorities said on Wednesday that 80 cattle died last Friday on a Southern Queensland farm due to an outbreak of anthrax.

“Biosecurity Queensland responded immediately to the positive detection of the disease, working with the property owner to put in place biosecurity management procedures,” a Biosecurity Queensland spokesperson told Xinhua.

Despite initial fears the disease could spread to humans, Queensland authorities have said the situation is now under control and contained.

“Biosecurity orders to contain the disease, including restricting the movement of people, stock and vehicles on and off the infected property are in place and a disposal and decontamination program for the deceased animals is underway,” they said.

The cause of the deadly disease occurs naturally when dormant bacteria in the soil is activated. This process has been know to take decades.

“In this case, it is believed the soil containing the bacteria was disturbed, followed by rainfall that distributed the soil containing the bacteria,” they said. PNA/