Andanar says any destabilization move vs. Duterte will fail

MANILA — A senior Palace official said Tuesday that Malacañang is taking seriously an alleged ouster plot against President Rodrigo Duterte but noted that any destabilization move against the administration is bound to fail.

“We take any destabilization moves seriously, whether it’s a rumor or A1 information. It is against the law, it is inciting to rebellion,” Communication Secretary Martin Andanar said during a press briefing.

He acknowledged that the Palace is aware of an alleged ouster plot being hatched in the United States by some influential Filipino-Americans.

“I have received information from credible sources in the US. We are aware of this and we have some names. We know who they are and we are looking very seriously into the matter,” Andanar said.

But while he said that they could not yet divulge the identities of the alleged perpetrators for obvious reasons, he warned them of the possible consequences of their actions.

“Whatever they are planning, just think twice because it is not lawful when you bring down a government. And rest assured that we will protect our President whatever it takes,” he said.

In the meantime, Andanar stressed that while any ouster move against President Duterte is taken seriously, all would fail.

“It (ouster plot) is serious. It should be serious for the entire nation, for the 91 percent of the Filipinos who trust the President. And remember that the President was also voted with over 16 million votes,” he said.

“Whatever destabilization plot they will move against President Duterte, it will not succeed,” Andanar said. Cielito Reganit/PNA/