AmCham still hope for closer US-PHL ties despite strained bilateral relations

MANILA — The American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, Inc. (AmCham Philippines) remains hopeful that the Philippines and the United States would have closer and stronger ties, despite a strain in their bilateral relations.

In a statement Thursday, AmCham Philippines said “language from Philippine leaders” and “their international policy” have created concerns among investors.

The business group also mentioned the investors’ concern on upholding the rule of law, following the increased number of killings in the Philippines during the heightened anti-illegal drug campaign of the Duterte administration.

“Currently, the illegal drug menace is a serious threat in the Philippines, as it is in the US and elsewhere,” AmCham Philippines said.

“However, the increased number of killings during the heightened anti-drug campaign is harming the country’s image, as portrayed by international media, and some investors are now asking whether this campaign reduces the rule of law,” it added.

The business group, on the other hand, assured that it will push for strengthening trade, investment, and cultural ties between the US and the Philippines.

“We remain hopeful that these ties will become even stronger in the months and years ahead and are committed to working with the Philippine Government and people to continually improve them,” Amcham Philippines stated. Kris Crismundo/ PNA/