JAKARTA — The Jakarta Police has claimed to have neutralized all the perpetrators of the bomb blasts that occurred at the Thamrin Boulevard in Central Jakarta.

“All the perpetrators have been neutralized. The total number of casualties is seven, including the four perpetrators,” Senior Commissioner M. Iqbal, a spokesman of the Jakarta Metro Jaya Police, stated at the site of the bombing incident on Thursday.

He reported that there were only two bomb blasts, and other explosions were the result of the shootout between the police officers and perpetrators.

A police officer was seriously injured in the incident.

The police are continuing investigation and evacuation at the scene, he stated.

The policemen are conducting combing operations in several buildings near the scene in search of any remaining bombs.

“Even the Jakarta Police chief is leading a screening operation in one of the buildings,” he remarked.

He denied reports of bomb blasts in other parts of Jakarta.

“We want to inform (the public) that the condition in Jakarta in general, is safe,” he emphasized.

In the meantime, the victims already evacuated to the emergency unit of the Gatot Subroto Hospital located in proximity to the site of the bombing incident are Dutch citizen Johannes Antonius Maria, 21-year-old Indonesian citizen Chairil, police officer Budiyono, 49-year-old policeman Dody Maryadi, and 24-year-old Indonesian citizen Angun. PNA/Antara /