Aleppo shelling continues for 2nd day, 44 civilians dead, over 300 wounded

BEIRUT — Militants continue shelling residential areas of Syrian Aleppo for the second day, causing death of 44 and wounding over 300 people, a source in city’s central hospital told RIA Novosti Saturday.

The previous casualties score stood at 30 killed and over 150 wounded when a reported rocket-propelled grenade attack struck the city’s western neighborhood of Al-Furqan and the adjacent university dormitories.

“The death toll reached 44, there are more than 300 wounded in the local hospitals. All doctors are on the watch, additional blood donations points have been opened,” the source said.

In recent weeks, the situation in Aleppo and surrounding areas has deteriorated, as various militant groups, including the Nusra Front, which is outlawed in Russia and many other countries, have been shelling the city.

Syria has been mired in civil war since 2011, with government forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad fighting numerous opposition factions and extremist groups. PNA/Sputnik/