Alden Richards shares tips on how to keep skin flawless, look young and stress-free

MANILA — “It works for me… It boosts my immune system.”

Thus said Alden Richards, dubbed as the “Pambansang Bae” and phenomenal male star of the popular noontime show “Eat Bulaga,” during the launching of his endorsement of Snow Capsule Glutathione supplement on Thursday afternoon at Plaza Ibarra on Timog Ave., Quezon City.

The young actor cited what factors make him choose to endorse Snow Caps or add it among his product endorsements.

According to him, the product is beneficial not only as whitening but in keeping the skin looking young and stress-free.

Alden said that since he himself is an advocate of a healthy lifestyle, he has seen how effective the product is in complementing his desire to be healthy while still looking good.

It may be recalled that the actor was one of the advocators of healthy lifestyle when the “Pilipinas Go for Health” initiative was launched in 2013 by the Department of Health (DOH) in Binondo, Manila.<>Since then, the young actor has kept up with the commitment by continuously supporting the advocacy on well-balanced diet, doing exercises and physical activities to get fit and strengthen his immune system by having enough sleep and staying away from salty and sugaryfoods, saying no to cigarette smoking and alcoholic beverage and many others, as proof of his desire to attain “good health.”

Alden said that as a form of exercise, he tries to find a way to do weightlifting, adding that he never let a day pass by without drinking plenty of water.

“Drinking plenty of water is something that I never forget to do,” he stressed.

Along that line of thinking, he said he did not hesitate or in any other way find himself in difficult situation to accept the offer for product endorsement of Snow Caps because he has seen the effectiveness of the product itself.

Snow Capsule is the first oral glutathione and is among the leading whitening skin whitening supplements in the market today. It is available in all Mercury Drug outlets.

Snow Caps contains the premium Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved 500mg of L-Glutathione formulation, also known as the miracle enzyme, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C for safe and effective whitening in as fast as six weeks.

Glutathione is also a compound naturally produced by the liver and is considered one of the most powerful anti-oxidants which inhibit the production of toxins and free radicals caused by stress and other external lifestyle factors perfect for individual with much activitieslike Alden.

With his endorsement of the product, the actor serves as “ambassador” of Snow Caps as he will be spreading the good effects of the product to many of his fans and followers who want to attain fairer and white skin while enhancing the immune system.

Alden’s popularity rose significantly when he was partnered with Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza. Their team-up is more popularly called “AlDub.” LEILANI S. JUNIO/PNA)