African national nabbed in NBI raid

DAVAO CITY – A Cameroon national was arrested in an entrapment operation of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) 1I and the Davao City Anti-Scam Unit for illegal activities.

Arrested inside the Ponce Suites in Doña Vicenta Village, Davao City on Wednesday late afternoon was 29-year-old Kamaha Dejou Jeamluc from Cameroon, a country in Central Africa.

NBI 11 Special Investigator Eli Leaño Jr. said an entrapment operation was launched when the two victims of Jeamluc went to their office and to the anti-scam unit of the city after the foreigner allegedly took thousands of pesos from them. Identities of the victims were withheld for confidentiality.

“Dugay na namo ni siya gimanmanan kay last year pa nag-file ang complainant og kaso ani niya pero ang sistema diay ani niya, nag adto siya’g Cebu kay naa diay ni siya’y ka live-in didto (We already conducted surveillance against the suspect because the victims filed the case against this man last year. But, we were not able to immediately arrest him because he went to Cebu to visit her live-in partner),” he said.

Leaño said the modus of Jeamluc was to befriend Dabawenyas by showing that he could make more money using some chemicals. Jeamluc then would ask money from the victims with a promise to double it.

According to Leaño, the suspect usually gets his target online mostly 40 years old who are seeking for foreign partners and engage them in a conversation.

“Then, in the middle of their conversation, he will tell his victims that ‘I am here in Davao City to invest. I am going to put up big business here,’ ” he said.

“He will disguise as a businessman and will (say) that he has a lot of money,” Leaño added.

He said Jeamluc was using different identities for his illegal activities. If victims agree to meet him, Jeamluc then started duping women into giving their money.

“Pagkita nila, duhay posible nga mahitabo, first ang babae mabiktima sexually kay mo ingon man siya nga nagita pud siya’g iyang kapares. Then, the following day mo ingon na pud siya nga kita na pud ta tomorrow og magkita na pud sila, didto na siya maghimo og sample (If they meet, two possible things happen, first, woman would be victimized sexually because he would say that he was also looking for a partner. Then, the following day, he would ask again for another meet up and that’s the time that he would show a sample),” he said.

Leaño said he would show a black paper which looked like a carbon paper then put the real peso bill on the top of the said paper, pour a little amount of water to effect the chemical reaction that would turn the black paper into real peso bill.

“Pero katong murag carbon paper, kwarta gyud to siya gipa itom lang ba (The black paper similar to carbon paper is really a real money bill but it was just covered with black powder),” he said.

“Then, ingnan dayon niya nga kung naa kay P100,000 pagdala diri kay himuon ko ng P200,000 (Then, he will tell his victims if they have P100,000 bring it here because I will make it P200,000),” Leaño added.

He said the suspect took P150,000 from his first victim in October 2016 and P25,000 from his second victim in November last year.

Leaño said charges would be slapped against Jeamluc for estafa, swindling and illegal use of aliases.

The suspect is currently detained at NBI 11 office. Armando Fenequito Jr/