Additional allowance for gov’t employees pushed in Senate

MANILA — To aid the living conditions of government employees following surging inflation rates, a senator on Monday sponsored a measure seeking to give them additional allowance.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV sponsored Senate Bill No. 286 on providing all government employees an additional allowance, through the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA).

Under SBN 286, all civilian government employees and uniformed personnel, whether employed by national or local government agencies, whether occupying regular, contractual or casual positions, shall receive an additional allowance of PHP5,000, to be given on a monthly basis.

It also states that the allowance shall be implemented across-the-board, on top of other existing mandatory allowances they are currently receiving.

Trillanes, chair of the Senate Committee on Civil Service, Government Reorganization, and Professional Regulation, said his bill seeks to “address the predicaments of government employees brought by the upsurge in the inflation rate and the spiraling prices of gasoline and basic commodities”.

He pointed out that the recent adjustment in the salary of government employees, through Executive Order No. 201, has been rendered “insufficient” due to the increasing cost of living.

“It is just right that we give them additional support and recognize their efforts in the government service by providing them additional financial assistance through this COLA,” he added.

The senator said that the additional allowance will be called the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA), to be used to help government employees meet the basic needs of their families for shelter, daily sustenance, education and medical attendance. Azer Parrocha/