Activities at Mt. Pulag suspended due to forest fire

BAGUIO CITY — The management of Mt. Pulag in Bokod, Benguet has ordered an indefinite suspension of all activities at the country’s second highest peak due to forest fire.

An advisory issued by the Office of Civil Defense Cordillera (OCD-CAR) around 8:20 p.m. Saturday said “hikes and treks at Mt. Pulag are closed due to the occurrence of forest fire,” affecting all camp sites and peaks at the grassland.

The OCD said all tourists and visitors, who were already at the mountain, were made to go to the ranger station in Babadak for safety.

Those scheduled for trekking were also made to stay and advised of the suspension of activities at Mt. Pulag.

“Visitors who will be coming in the next days will be restricted to enter and will be directed to the four lakes,” the order said.

The lakes are located at Kabayan town, adjacent to Bokod municipality.

Authorities said there were no hikers or visitors stranded at the mountain.

Initial investigation showed that the fire started from a butane gas stove brought by a hiker.

Ivy Frances Carasi, OCD-CAR information officer, said investigation is still ongoing.