99 kilos of hot meat seized in Dagupan market

DAGUPAN CITY — The City Veterinary Office confiscated 99 kilos of hot meat or “botcha” at 3a.m. on Oct. 31 at CentroMart, a privately owned market in Dagupan City.

One Jojo De Guzman of Barangay Pogo Grande reportedly brought the hot meat to CentroMart for sale but this was immediately detected by meat inspectors of the City Veterinary Office led by Dr. Conrado Maramba.

Mayor Belen Fernandez said De Guzman did not succeed in selling the hot meat because the meat inspectors of the city are monitoring all the public markets daily 24/7 even during the holidays.

Fernandez said she will consult with City Administrator Farah Decano on the possibility of imposing harsher penalty on De Guzman because this was the second time he was caught selling hot meat in the market.

She said it is about time that the suspect be prohibited from selling in the city’s public market, aside from paying the required penalty, because this was already his second offense.

The seized hot meat was brought to the Dagupan police for documentation purposes, then poured with gasoline, burned and disposed of.

Mayor Fernandez warned other unscrupulous businessmen of harsher penalty if they are found selling similar contaminated products. PNA-northboundasia.com