Over 70% of Americans see drugs as serious problem

WASHINGTON — People who believe drugs pose a serious problem in the United States rose for the first time in a decade to 71 percent, a Gallup study released on Wednesday has found.

The study showed 71 percent of those Americans polled believed that illegal drugs were an “extremely” or “very” serious problem in the country, an increase from the 65 percent last year, which ended a decade-long decline.

The study said a steady 32 percent said the drugs problem was “extremely serious.”

Women overall showed more concern over drugs than men, with 77 percent saying drugs were an extremely/very serious problem, while 64 percent of men said the same.

The study showed older people were more concerned than younger generations. A positive correlation was found between age and the percentage of those who said drugs were an extremely/very serious problem.

Overall, those with annual incomes under USD 30,000 and living in towns or rural areas were most likely to identify drugs as an extremely/very serious problem.

The results were released as US President Donald Trump declared a public health emergency over the opioid crisis. Xinhua-northboundasia.com