5K pairs of new shoes up for distribution to Ilocos children

LAOAG CITY — Around 5,000 pairs of shoes are being distributed as a gift of love to less fortunate children in Ilocos Norte province.

The children of La Paz village here became one of the first recipients of about 600 pairs of shoes during Wednesday’s distribution activity, led by Laoag Councilor Roque Benjamin Ablan and some members of the National Movement of Young Legislators—Ilocos Norte Chapter.

The shoes were donated by Toms Shoes, in partnership with Children International, a global non-profit humanitarian organization that helps children break the cycle of poverty.

Targeting small schools in coastal villages, Ablan said Friday the shoes are not just worn for comfort but most importantly, to protect children from contaminated soil or harmful debris.

“We want to set an example to the youth that we should all work together despite our differences in our social and political beliefs. We work in one government, in one province, we serve the same people so let us help each other,” said Ablan as he noted the shoes distribution came just in time for the upcoming celebration of International Youth Day on Aug. 12.

After the distribution at the Ilocos Norte Regional School of Fisheries (INRSF) in La Paz, Dennis Antonio, Administrative Officer of the school, said they were grateful for being identified as one of the recipient-schools in the shoes distribution program.

“For the first time in 14 years that I am with the INRSF, it is only now that I came across with this program,” Antonio said, referring to the distribution of 600 new shoes to their children.

He said the extra shoes for the children were a big help to ease the financial burden of some parents, who could hardly provide for the basic needs of their children.

Aside from shoes, the city lawmaker is also spearheading the distribution of thousands of books and dehydrated vegetable soup mix to boost the education and health welfare of school children in this part of northern Philippines. Leilanie Adriano/PNA – northboundasia.com