400 La Union illegal drug personalities yield

400 La Union illegal drug personalities yield

BANGAR, La Union – A total of 140 individuals from this town and more than 200 others from other municipalities of the province who are involved in illegal drug activities surrendered to authorities yesterday in fear probably of being trapped into worse situation as the administration goes into high gear in its relentless drive against the drug menace.

Mayor George Pinzon and police officials led by provincial police director Superintendent Angelito Dumangeng challenged those who surrendered in this town to reform and live a normal life instead of getting into trouble or get killed just because of their illegal activities.

“If you really want to change your lives, don’t fools us, because we will not be hesitant to enforce the law. We will continue conducting dialogue with you and your families,” Pinzon said.

When Pinzon asked them to raise their hands if they are really involved in illegal drugs, the men (no female) raised their hands and admitted their wrongdoings.

“ As a father of this municipality, it is my responsibility to see to it that my children and constituents are in right path. Listen to us because we are doing things for you to have normal lives,” said Pinzon.

Dumangeng, for his part, said the men surrendered after policemen, in partnership with barangay officials, implemented the Oplan Tokhang (Toktok-Hangyo or Knock and Plead) project of the new Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald Dela Rosa.

Dumangeng advised those who surrendered to cooperate with the policemen and other law enforcement agencies to cleanse La Union with the drug problem.

“Illegal drug is a root of evil. Most heinous crimes are done by persons under the influence of illegal drugs. That’s why we are asking you to cooperate to solve this problem. And if you may not help, your family, relatives or friends would be your next victim. Or you, yourselves would suffer the punishment,” Dumangeng said.

Dumangeng called on other personalities involved in illegal drugs in the province, who have not yet surrendered, to cooperate with the ongoing Oplan Tok-hang or voluntarily submit hemselves to the local authorities in their area. Jun Elias/northboundasia.com