34 CCTV cameras installed in municipal hall, nearby offices in Isabela town

REINA MERCEDES, Isabela, — At least 34 close circuit television (CCTV) cameras have been installed within and outside the municipal hall, including the nearby offices, here to monitor visitors and clients.

Mayor Anthony Respicio said the installation of CCTV cameras to monitor people who are visiting the municipal hall is one measure to tighten the security of the office premises.

He said that CCTV cameras are essential in monitoring the movement of people who are transacting business and visiting the officials and employees of Reina Mercedes.

The local government he said is planning to install more CCTV cameras to be placed in strategic areas such as town boundaries when going north and south directions.

Chief Inspector Edgar Pattaui, chief of police of Reina Mercedes, said the presence of CCTV camera will help them in the speedy resolution of crimes as video grabs are useful in tracking crime suspects.

He lauded the move of the municipal officials as he also hoped for more CCTV cameras to be installed in the town.

He also suggested for business owners to install their respective CCTV cameras to thwart criminals from doing crimes. PNA/northboundasia.com