31 Chinese nationals nabbed for phishing scam

MANILA — National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) agents arrested 31 Chinese nationals said to be behind an online phishing site from inside the posh Ayala Alabang Village in Muntinlupa City on Wednesday night.

NBI Deputy Director and spokesman, Ferdinand Lavin, said officials of the Security, Safety and Health Management Group of Ayala Alabang Village called the attention of the NBI regarding the group’s operation from 3346 Apo St. inside the exclusive subdivision.

“The modus operandi of these Chinese is to maintain a betting website so that they can dupe gamblers-bettors to go into their computer system and once the details are given to their computer system, they can steal information and get money from their account,” Lavin said.

The search warrant was served by the NBI, which acted in collaboration with the Bureau of Immigration and the Business Permits and Licensing Office of Muntinlupa City.

Some of the suspects entered the country as far back as a year ago under tourist visas while others had working permits.

They were identified as Chen Ming, Zhiyang Huang Bin, Gu Wu Chang, Qzu Xzao Hui, Chen Da Chuan, Chen Su Qing, Liu YUng, Zhou Jian Peng, Huang Zheng Yong, Huang Xian Zheng, Tang Liang Rong, Yang Qin, Peng Jing Hui, Ko Chang Liong, Jiang Rui, Wu Chao, Feng Wen Xin, Peng Fu Yi, Zhi Jian Yi, Sheng Jin Biao, Chen Rong Hui, Chen Yan Cong, Chen Zhi Ming, Zhang Yi Qiang, Wang Ying, Jiang Ye Ting, He Ting Jian, Ye You Cai, Yi Wen Yuan, Fu Shui Bao, and Andy Lim Santos.

The suspects consisted of 24 men and six women, all from mainland China, except for Santos who is a Filipino-Chinese.

They were charged with computer-related fraud. Benjamin Pulta/PNA-northboundasia.com